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Work Place Safety

PTO Drive shafts have always been a safety problem. Keeping them covered in large farming operations is an endless problem. Ron Cocks is maintenance manager at Olive Grove Trading Co. Olive Grove has 1000 hectares including wine grapes, carrots, olives & citrus production employing up to 80 people at any one time. The 15 tractors with 20 PTO driven implements has Ron busy keeping up with safety prevention. Ron is well aware of his Work Safe responsibility and knows that he has to keep all this equipment in safe working order.

Ron first saw the Aussie Safety Shaft protectors advertised in the Weekly Times & could see that this would solve his problems. Ron ordered 2 covers for appraisal & when seeing how simple they were & how easy they were to fit ordered another 16 covers. Over the years he has spent valuable time repairing damaged PTO covers & endless time on the phone ordering PTO cover parts to find that when they arrive they are the wrong part and don’t fit.

Why there are so many different PTO shafts & yokes has him amazed but with Aussie Safety Shaft Protectors this is no longer a problem as they fit all PTO’s on the market. Now when a PTO cover is damaged, he can remove the bearing, shaft locking collar and band cover from the PTO & fit an Aussie Safety Shaft Protector in less than 20 minutes and the tractor can be back at work in a safe working condition.  Ron Cocks has been in the agriculture maintenance field for 40 years working for Olive Grove for the last 8 years and quotes,“How has something so simple and so easy to fit never been invented years ago. The time that I have spent over the years wrestling with some of these complicated PTO covers with all the little clips with so many different ways they are held to the universal yoke. The Aussie Safety Shaft Protector is held to the drive shaft by a polyurethane centered bearing. This means that it doesn’t matter what shape or make the shaft is the polyurethane will displace to the shape of the shaft. With the larger shafts all I do is remove some of the polyurethane from the center with a sharp knife and slide the bearing over the shaft.”

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